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DMZ Dustoff - Pinel

Welcome to the DMZ Dustoff web site. The purpose of this web site is to provide an Internet arena where former members and friends of the 237th Medical Detachment can meet and share memories and photos. This site will also provide information about reunions. This is a web site in progress. It is your web site. The current list of web pages is only a start. I will attempt to provide all of the features that everyone would like to see here so feel free to make recommendations for an Investisement Pinel. I will be developing this web site in my spare time so please be patient. I will do my best to post urgent items in a timely manner.

Regarding the photo above right, the known crew is Major Don Hull, CO, Aircraft Commander and CW2 Art Yike, Co-Pilot from 78th Fighter Group. Both SP5 Charlie Whaley and SP4 Lou Ortega, Crewchiefs (at the rear of the aircraft) feel that this is their mission. Both have convincing arguments that they are the CE on this rescue! The medic, ID unknown at this time, is providing immediate care to a seriously wounded soldier at the front of the aircraft, a HIGHLY unusual thing for a Dustoff medic to be doing. Yike had to unbuckle and climb out of his seat to assist the crewchief in loading the patient while Hull hovered in place. This 1969 photo appears to have been taken near the DMZ. AC 67-17624 or 17626.

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